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"Not an easy company to work with but Hirsch and Beacon were able to get it done. The customer needed the machine before year end and we were all able to make that happen."
- Hirsch International Corporation,  AZ
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Joint Calling
For years, CT Financing has been accompanying their equipment vendor partners on client calls. Offer on-the-spot financial advice to your clients with a joint call.

Joint calling combines your equipment expertise with our financial knowledge improving our odds of closing deals. Historically, lease applications procured on joint calls have had a significantly higher probability of resulting in an equipment sale. For more information, please read though the list below.

Joint Call Benefits:   By teaming up with your leasing consultant, not only do you have the resources to field financing questions your client asks, but you can begin to build upon your own individual knowledge of leasing. When asked, business owners often prefer to meet their leasing partners in person. Joint calls will leave your client feeling important because of the increased personalized attention. Working together, we both can learn from each other's sales presentations and build a general confidence that will make the working relationship that much more pleasant and effective.

Setting Up The Call:   Setting up a joint call is simple. Most of our lease consultants can plan around your schedule. If you have an appointment with a client who may be interested in leasing, notify your lease consultant. Existing clients are often your best joint call candidates as leasing may create benefits not discussed in past meetings. Start-up prospects are also solid joint-call candidates as they may be aware that financing options are available to them. When setting up an appointment, let your consultants know a little about the client and their business so they can pull together all the resources that would help the visit end in a sale.

While On A Joint Call:   Time spent on joint calls allow you and your leasing consultant to learn more about each other’s products and benefits. While face-to-face with a prospective client, you will discuss as a team the need for equipment and the options for financing. Your leasing consultant will generally carry a wide selection of leasing information to show a client how flexible and customized a lease can be. Joint calling also allows your client to receive on-the-spot lease estimates and approvals. The client will walk away with knowledge of all the options available as well as tangible literature as a reminder of the ease of acquiring the machine they so desire.

Call Follow Up:   One of the best features of a joint calling effort is that you now have two skilled professionals following up with your prospect. After the meeting, your lease consultant will often follow up with your client in regards to their lease application and, when appropriate, provide a written lease proposal in an effort to facilitate the closing of the equipment sale.

The next time you are going out to see a client, consider inviting a CT Financing leasing consultant.
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